Nearly all my writing takes place in settings other than the real world, and involve supernatural, futuristic, or similar elements. My books and my worlds tend to deal with dark themes, and elements of horror. I especially enjoy anchoring my stories in historical events, but giving them a speculative twist. For example, in my Arcane West stories the country is dealing with the supernatural fallout of the Civil War. General Sherman’s March to the Sea tore apart the ley-line stretching from Atlanta to Savannah, opening supernatural rifts and unleashing all sorts of horrors.

The Arcane Interbellum series continues that theme, bringing the timeline up to the 1930s, so my characters have to deal with supernatural events during the buildup to WWII.

I love writers who create worlds first, and then tell a bunch of different stories within them.

Below is a list of my many projects, some of which are already completed, or will be soon. I’ll update this page when the different books are out, so feel free to check back often. Or, if you prefer, join my mailing list for updates.

Everyday Apocalypse

A post-apocalyptic comedy series, in the vein of The Last Man on Earth and Shaun of the Dead. Every week of Tom’s life begins a new apocalypse. It’s getting a bit old. He just wants Friday to get here, so he can binge on Netflix and ramen.

  • Season One is coming February 1st
  • Season Two – February 15th
  • Season Three – March 1st (approximately)

Arcane Interbellum

1930s supernatural noir/thriller series. Sort of an Indiana Jones meets Eldritch Horror. John Roberts (a Mender from the House of Cups) and Dolores Leandros (a Diviner from the House of Coins) are new partners, tasked with investigating the death of a House of Coins researcher. The pursuit of the killer uncovers a network of death cults stretching from California to Sinai.

  • Short Story: The Culling – Coming April, 2017
  • Book One: Signs and Scars – Coming mid-2017

Arcane West

A Weird Western series in the vein of Joe R. Lansdale’s work. Sort of Bone Tomahawk meets Supernatural. Martin Bisby is an alchemist turned bounty hunter. His first contract pits him against a cabal of necromancers. He kills them and rescues a girl whose body harbors an otherworldly host. What’s worse, the men he killed had masters. Men and women with Confederate funding who will stop at nothing to get the girl back and protect their secrets.

  • Book One: The Dead Man’s Shoes – Coming late 2017.